When Swimmers, Polo Players And Triathletes Talk

When Swimmers, Polo Players And Triathletes Talk

Aquatic athletes have many commonalities, but when pool swimmers, open water swimmers, water polo players and triathletes get together, what they say can mean different things.

A simple comment from one aquatic athlete to another can definitely lead to different meanings and comments.

What one athlete intends can be misunderstood due to their own mindset particular mindset.

Comment: “I just did 6K.”

Pool swimmer: “The workout included a killer main set.”
Water polo player: “We almost never go that far.”
Triathlete: “I was tired from my century bike ride.”
Open water swimmer: “Pool or open water?

Comment: “The water was cold.”

Pool swimmer: “The coach still made up get in the pool.”
Water polo player: “So we did a weight training session.”
Triathlete: “So we went for a run.”
Open water swimmer: “It felt great.”

Comment: “The weather was terrible.”

Pool swimmer: “Fortunately, we train indoors.”
Water polo player: “It was hard to grip the ball.”
Triathlete: “So we headed over to the pool.”
Open water swimmer: “And the surf was pumping.”

Comment: “Shall we do an open water workout?”

Pool swimmer: “No.”
Water polo player: “Can we bodysurf instead?
Triathlete: “I’ll bike to the shore.”
Open water swimmer: “Salt or fresh?

Comment: “Salt.”

Pool swimmer: “Huh?”
Water polo player: “Fun.”
Triathlete: “What’s the water temperature?”
Open water swimmer: “How far?”

Comment: “Fresh.”

Pool swimmer: “No sharks. I am in.”
Water polo player: “No jellyfish. Cool.”
Triathlete: “Flat water, no seaweed, good.
Open water swimmer: “At night? Across the lake? In winter?

Photo shows a bunch of crossover athlete and Olympians including Yasunari Hirai of Japan, Aaron Peirsol of the USA, Zsofia Balazs of Canada, Valerio Cleri of Italy, Keri-Anne Payne of Great Britain, Samuel de Bona of Brazil, Lexie Kelly of the USA, Ashley Twichell of the USA, Xavier Desharnais of Canada, Kaoru Yamanaka of Japan, Guillermo Bertola of Argentina in Rio de Janeiro on Copacabana Beach.

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