When The Speedos Come Off, Ted Bramble Gets Creative

When The Speedos Come Off, Ted Bramble Gets Creative

Courtesy of KAATSU Global, Huntington Beach, California.

In October 2011, Ted Bramble joined his swimming friends and workout buddies – Matt Mitchell, Hank Wise, Parks Wesson, Lexie Kelly, Dr. Lyle Nalli, and Samantha Sears – to set the all-time 32.3 km Catalina Channel relay record. The Long Beach Swim Focus Catalina Relay set the new record of 6 hours 53 minutes, breaking the record set by the USA National Swim Team set in 1989 in 7 hours 2 minutes.

While Bramble has been a professional triathlete and All-American collegiate swimmer spending years in the pool and training hard, he subsequently made a name for himself out of the pool and ocean.

Over the decades, the Emmy Award-winning Bramble has created content and directed in the television, entertainment, and advertising industries, working on projects for companies including Activision, Amazon Photo, Disney Interactive, Disney ABC Television, Disney Imagineering, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Sony PlayStation Network, Sony Consumer Electronics, NASCAR, Netflix, Nike, BMW, Honda, Lexus, Ford, Mazda, Mattel, The Oscars, The Country Music Awards, The American Music Awards, Timberland, Spyder, McDonalds, Shell Oil, Fox Sports, LEGO, Hot Wheels, The Art Institutes, Weedmaps, U.S. Army, Westinghouse, and WalMart. He has worked on and with Netflix Originals including – if you like American humor – specials with Dave Chappelle, Amy Schumer, Louis C.K., Tracy Morgan, Sarah Silverman, Bill Burr, Trevor Noah, as well as established brands ranging from Hot Wheels to the NFL and U.S. Army.

Recently, Bramble spoke about his record crossing with teammates Hank Wise, Dr. Lyle Nalli, and paddler Benjamin Landis on WOWSA Live [see below]:

For more information on Bramble’s creative skills, talents and vision, www.tedbramble.com and here.

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