When Waves Stop Pounding Onshore

When Waves Stop Pounding Onshore

Courtesy of Jonathan Nimerfroh in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

In a recent train trip from Boston to New York, the doors of the train were frozen shut because it was so cold. Passengers had to get out through the conductor’s door.

Needless to say, the weather has been brutal in America’s Northeast region.

Jonathan Nimerfroh captured unusual photographs of a frozen wave in Nantucket, Massachusetts that even ice swimmers could not have bodysurfed to shore.

The photographs were published by Stay Wild Magazine that called the rare phenomena “Slurpee waves“, named after slushy ice drinks sold at 7-Eleven convenience stores in America.

The harbor to the main land is frozen solid,” Nimerfroh explained. “No boats running. But yeah, the day after I took these it actually froze up the shoreline for 200 yards out. Solid ice. I was totally tripping when I pulled up to the beach and saw this.”

To view more photos of slurpee waves by Jonathan Nimerfroh, visit here.

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