Where Open Water Swimmers Meet Blue Whales

Where Open Water Swimmers Meet Blue Whales

It is not often when open water swimmers can meet the largest creatures on Earth. But swimmers crossing the Catalina Channel in California may have that opportunity over the next several weeks as the annual migration of blue whales continues from the warm southern waters to the more northern climes.

Just south of the primary route between Catalina Island and the California mainland, herds of blue whales have been reported swimming north from Mexico.

The large whales that can grow up to 30 meters have been seen every day this week in the area.

And their population may be increasing. This year, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration began to re-route the traditional shipping traffic lanes in and out of the Pacific coast harbors in order to minimize the risk of collisions between blue whales and ships.

Photo by Michael L. Baird.

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