White Winter Water Wonder

White Winter Water Wonder

Courtesy of Janet Kylander Manning, Memphremagog Winter Swim Festival, Vermont.

Janet Kylander Manning reports that the water is cold (-0.6°C or 30.8°F) at today’s Memphremagog Winter Swim Festival in Vermont.

Feels great. The air and wind are crazy cold, with windchill -24°F.”

They will be swimming 25m, 50m, 100m, and 200m events in a 25-meter, two-lane pool cut in the ice by the EastSide Restaurant on Lake Memphremagog. The event is hosted by Kingdom Games and The Eastside Restaurant and is underwritten by Eden Ice Cider, the NEK Tasting Center, and the Ciderhouse Bar & Grill.

53-year-old Manning will be swimming with Richard Born (age 54), Martha Wood (54), Nadine Bennett (44), Ozlen Luznar (42), Rena Demeo (47), Yasmin Elnaccash (40), Mindy Bowens (48), Talbott Crowell (49), Daina Bouquin (27), Janet Manning, Jerome Leslie (38), Scott Zornig (57), Kellie Latimer (31), Tiffany McQueen (44), Greg O’Connor (47), John Gale (61), Kristie DeMarco (46), Ed Gabriels (55), Elaine Howley (39), Anne McLindon (50), Paula Yankauskas (62), Sam Young (27), Anders Jakobsson (49), Hugh Darlington (60), Louise Hyder-Darlington (56), Caroline Block (32), Robert Bailey (50), Mary Staples (34), Ted Hirsch (56), Gregory Gomez (58), Rebecca Perry (48), David Bosch (50), and Edward Riley (58).

For more information on the event hosted and organized by Phil White, visit www.kingdomgames.co.

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