Who Is Dr. Sam Freas And What Is His Open Water Vision

Who Is Dr. Sam Freas And What Is His Open Water Vision

Dr. Sam Freas has always been a visionary for the sport of open water swimming. He has also developed and help guide the careers of many swimmers including 7-time world champion Shelley Taylor-Smith and her male counterpart and 7-time world professional marathon swimming champion Paul Asmuth.

Dr. Freas is one of the world’s most passionate, knowledgeable and successful open water swimming coaches, administrators and promoters. He is also a former Olympic and NCAA Division I pool swimming coach and is currently the Oklahoma Baptist University swimming coach. He will appear on this week’s Open Water Wednesday.

Dr. Freas will take Open Water Wednesday listeners on a path down memory lane when he talks about some of the great swimmers and competitions of the 20th century – and most importantly what the sport of open water swimming can be in the future.

He talks about the national collegiate championships that he organized in the 1980s – 20 years in advance of the first World University Games. He talks about his hosting of the first FINA World Open Water Swimming Championships in Honolulu, Hawaii and the swimmers and administrators involved. He pulls no punches and he gets straight to the point.

His insights are profound, his passionate is abundant and is wisdom as clear as a cloudless day in the tropics. Listen in on this week’s Open Water Wednesday.

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Steven Munatones