Who Is Phil White And What Is NEKOWSA?

Who Is Phil White And What Is NEKOWSA?

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Phil White is an innovative open water swimming race director from Vermont, U.S.A. and founder of the Northeast Kingdom Open Water Swimming Association (NEKOWSA) along with 11 other passionate supporters.

He is safety-minded, has drafted and formulated a number of safety documents. A visionary, he also focuses on the small details of the sport like issuing numbered safety vests for escort kayakers.

White will introduce Ned Denison at the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame induction ceremonies in Long Beach, California on September 22nd on the Queen Mary. His ability to draw supporters and swimmers from Alaska and California to Ireland and India is a testament to his contagious enthusiasm for the sport.

He is an example of a race promoter helping shape the sport in his immediate area. He also created the Be Kind to Your Yacker Week where swimmers give praise and thanksgiving to their kayakers, support crew and pilots.

In 2012 NEKOWSA, a division of Indoor Recreation Orleans County, hosted 7 swims, with over 375 swimmers participating in majestic lakes, well supported by the local community. “We are pleased to announce our expanded schedule of swims for 2013. We are very excited to be adding a number of lakes to next year’s roster, plus an extraordinary seven days of open water swimming from August 10th through August 17th.

June 15th:  Son of a Swim  — 2, 4,and 6 mile swims in Lake Memphremagog.  (Qualifier for Kingdom Swim)(Cap 10)

July 6th: Kingdom Swim – 10 mile, 6 mile, 3 mile, 1 mile swims for adults and youth, plus ¼ mile and 100 yard swims for youth.   Kingdom Swim has been selected to host the national 9+mile USMS Open Water Championship in 2013.  There will be two 10 mile waves this year.  The Championship Wave and the non championship wave (youth, wetsuits, and those not competing for the championship.) The swim is held in conjunction with Aquafest, including the internationally renowned Frontier Animal Society’s Pet and Swimmers Costume Parade on Friday evening before the swim. (Caps: 100 per 10 mile wave; 100 per 6, 3, and 1 mile course; 50 for the youth short courses.)

August 3rd:  Seymour Swim – 3.5 mile and 1.75 mile swimming only option but also part of Kingdom Triathlon. (Cap 50)

August 10th:  Crystal Swim – 4 mile swim under the cliffs and around the shores.  (Cap 50)

August 11th:  Island Pond Swim – 3 mile swim from Brighton State Park Beach around The Island and back. (Cap 25)

August 13th thru 15th – Swim the Kingdom — Daily Swims, short and long, at some spectacular venues (Cap 25)

August 17th:  Willoughby Swim – a truly majestic,  4.75 mile swim. (Cap 75)

August 18th:  Caspian Swim – 3 miles to Bathtub Rock and back or 1.5 miles to the rock, with shuttle back (Cap 50)

September 7th:  In Search of Memphre  – 25 Mile International Swim the length of Lake Memphremagog  (Cap 20)

Unless otherwise noted, during the remainder of 2012, each 2013 swim requires payment of a $25 registration fee, plus a $100 minimum, tax deductible donation to IROC – a total of $125 per swim.   Kayak rentals are available for $75.  Yacker + kayak package is $200.  Half of the yacker and kayak fees are considered a tax deductible donation to IROC.    This year we are offering a “Season Pass” for a $100 fee and a $500 minimum donation to IROC.   THE PASS entitles you to swim in any and all of the regular lake swims (including the three-day Swim the Kingdom) and special STATUS and RECOGNITION at all NEKOSWA functions.  Special pricing applies to In Search of Memphre ($500 fee plus a minimum $1,000 tax deductible donation to IROC), and the three-day Swim the Kingdom ($50 fee and $200 minimum donation to IROC).  Youth fees are $25 for those 10 and under and $50 per swim for those 18 and under with no minimum donation expected.  Registration for all events (except for the Championship Wave of Kingdom Swim) will open on September 1, 2012 at www.kingdomswim.org.  The caps for each event will be strictly enforced.   

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