Who Will Be Standing On The 2016 Rio Olympics Podium?

Who Will Be Standing On The 2016 Rio Olympics Podium?

Photo courtesy of Dr. Jim Miller.

Could these three women stand on top of the Olympic podium at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games on Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro?

In the rough water conditions in the Caribbean Sea off the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico among another photo-finish with 9 great swimmers, Martina Grimaldi of Italy, Poliana Okimoto of Brazil and Ana Marcela Cunha of Brazil finished 1-2-3.

They all three have what it takes to win an Olympic marathon swimming medal in Rio:

* racing experience
* rough water experience
* high navigational IQ
* speed
* stamina
* high tolerance of physicality
* savvy strategic smarts
* confidence
* financial support from their sponsors and governing bodies
* supportive and knowledgeable coaches

But the pressure to win will begin to build more and more as the Olympics approaches. And their competition will only get better and better, faster and faster, tougher and tougher.

Who has the potential to be on that 2016 Rio Olympics podium?

Rachele Bruni of Italy, Christine Jennings of the U.S.A., Anna Olasz of Hungary, Alice Franco of Italy, Eva Fabian of the U.S.A., Haley Anderson of the U.S.A., Ashley Twichell of the U.S.A., Swann Oberson of Switzerland, Angela Maurer of Germany, Eva Risztov of Hungary, Keri-Anne Payne of Great Britain, Ophelie Aspord of France, Melissa Gorman of Australia, Kristel Köbrich of Chile, Zsofia Balazs of Canada, Emily Brunemann of the U.S.A., and a handful of others who will develop over the next two years.

There are few sports – and certainly none in all of aquatics – where so many women have a legitimate shot at medaling in one event like the women’s Olympic 10 km Marathon Swim.

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