Who's Who And Wetsuits At USA Swimming Championships

Who’s Who And Wetsuits At USA Swimming Championships

Courtesy of USA Swimming, Castaic Lake, California.

When the men’s USA Swimming National Open Water Swimming Championships scheduled for 11 am on May 19th and the women’s race scheduled for 1:30 pm, most eyes of the Americans, Australians, Canadians, British, Malaysian, Italian and Tunisian swimmers and coaches are on the water temperature that is bordering at 68°F (20°C) – the exact temperature at which wetsuits are optional for the swimmers.

With a few more days of Californian sunshine and warmth expected to heat up Castaic Lake, the water temperature will most likely crack the 20°C limit – and save the swimmers from having to decide whether or not to wear a wetsuit.

A live webcast of each race will be broadcast at www.usaswimming.org where Olympians and world champions from America (Haley Anderson + Jordan Wilimovsky + Andrew Gemmell + Chip Peterson + Eva Fabian), Australia, Canada (Richard Weinberger), Great Britain (Jack Burnell), Malaysia (Heidi Gan), Italy (Rachele Bruni), and Tunisia (Ous Mellouli) will be battling for the USA Swimming national open water swimming titles in the 10 km on Friday and 5 km on Sunday.

Female Participants:
* Haley Anderson (Trojan Swim Club, shown above)
* Samantha Arevalo (Ecuador)
* Taylor Ault (La Mirada Armada)
* Mary Margaret Banick (Tennessee Aquatics)
* Arianna Bridi (Italy)
* Rachele Bruni (Italy)
* Katy Campbell (Team Santa Monica)
* Caitlin Daday (Villanova University)
* Martina De Memme (Italy)
* Alice Dearing (Great Britain)
* Mariah Denigan (Northern KY Clippers Swimming)
* Chenoa Devine (Davis Aquadarts Racing Team)
* Jade Dusabloon (Canada) * Eva Fabian (Unattached from New York City)
* Joy Field (Magnolia Aquatic Club)
* Ashlyn Fiorilli (Texas Ford Aquatics)
* Alice Franco (Italy)
* Heidi Gan (Malaysia)
* Lara Hernandez-Tome (Sarasota YMCA Sharks)
* Stephanie Horner (Canada)
* Danielle Huskisson (Great Britain)
* Hanna Huston (Rice University)
* Anna Kalandadze (Radnor Aquatic Club)
* Eliot Kennedy (Waves Bloomington/Normal Y S.T)
* Gabrielle Kopenski, (Texas Ford Aquatics)
* Reese Lamph (Sandpipers Of Nevada)
* Kareena Lee (Australia) * Becca Mann (Trojan Swim Club)
* Victoria McCullough (Nation’s Capital Swim Club)
* Kensey McMahon (Bolles School Sharks)
* Maggie Menso (Palatine Park Dist Swim Team)
* Sarah Nowaski (College Area Swim Team)
* Hayley Pike (Razorback Aquatic Club Aquahaw)
* Taylor Pike (Razorback Aquatic Club Aquahaw)
* Barbara Pozzobon (Italy)
* Isabella Rongione (Nation’s Capital Swim Club)
* Cathryn Salladin (FAST Swim Team)
* Kaitlynn Sims (Magnolia Aquatic Club)
* Breanne Siwicki (Canada)
* Erica Sullivan (Sandpipers Of Nevada)
* Chase Travis (Nation’s Capital Swim Club)
* Ashley Twichell (North Carolina Aquatic Club)
* Libby Walker (Kansas Swimming)
* Maggie Wallace (Egg Harbor Twp Seahawks)
* Sara Wanasek (Bearcat Aquatics)

Male Participants:
* Taylor Abbott (University Of Tennessee)
* Aaron Apel (Scottsdale Aquatic Club)
* Chris Bready (Bearcat Aquatics)
* Thomas Bretzmann (North Carolina Aquatic Club)
* Michael Brinegar (Mission Viejo Nadadores)
* Noah Brune (Mission Viejo Nadadores)
* Jack Burnell (Great Britain)
* Brendan Casey (Unattached)
* Kevin Choy (Malaysia)
* Taylor Delk (SwimAtlanta)
* Andrew Gemmell (Nation’s Capital Swim Club)
* Brennan Gravley (Sandpipers Of Nevada)
* Carter Grimes (Sandpipers Of Nevada)
* Philippe Guertin (Canada)
* Joseph Gutierrez (Sandpipers Of Nevada)
* Eric Hedlin (Canada)
* David Heron (University Of Tennessee)
* Logan Houck (Sandpipers Of Nevada)
* Caleb Hughes (Great Britain)
* Simon Huitenga (Australia)
* Tyler Jones (Team Santa Monica)
* Simon Lamar (FAST Swim Team)
* Ben Lawless (Unattached)
* Blake Manganiello (AquaKids Sharks Swim Team)
* Ous Mellouli (Tunisia)
* Chip Peterson (North Carolina Aquatic Club)
* Ivan Puskovitch (Episcopal Academy Aquatic Club)
* Sam Rice (University Of Tennessee)
* Toby Robinson (Great Britain)
* Tim Shuttleworth (Great Britain)
* T.C. Smith (Sarasota Tsunami Swim Team)
* Matteo Sogne (Italy)
* True Sweetser (Unattached)
* Taylor Uselis (Clearwater Aquatic Team)
* Richard Weinberger (Canada)
* Jordan Wilimovsky (Team Santa Monica)
* Chris Yeager (Nitro Swimming)

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