Who's Who In The Tampa Bay Marathon Swim

Who’s Who In The Tampa Bay Marathon Swim

The following swimmers are entered in the 15th annual 24-mile Tampa Bay Marathon Swim to be held on April 21 on the western coast of Florida.

Brad Denton, 48 from Arizona
Chris Burke, 50 from Florida
Greg Larson, 43 from California
Rob Kent, 47 from Canada
Dan Boyle, 46 from New York
Mark Smitherman, 53 from Florida
Alan Barry, 48 from North Carolina
Pat Marzulli, 63 from Florida
Sarah Thomas, 29 from Colorado
Patti Bauernfeind, 44 from California
Bart Cobb, 57 from Florida
Arnie Bellini, 53 from Florida
Tibor Molnar, 19 from Connecticut
Katie Brooks, 23 from North Carolina
Steve Gruenwald, 50 from Alaska
Mauro Gianconia, 40 from Italy

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