Why Keri-Anne Payne Will Win Gold In The Marathon Swim

Why Keri-Anne Payne Will Win Gold In The Marathon Swim

There are many valid reasons why Great Britain’s Keri-Anne Payne is the odds-on favorite to capture gold in the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim tomorrow at 12 noon GMT in the Serpentine.

These reasons vary from mental to physical, but also include a variety of other elements that may not be readily apparent, but are just as important to success.

The 8 key reasons are as follows:

1. Her mental strength. Her mind is her greatest tool. Her ability to deal with the discomfort of pushing her body to its upper limits day after day and throughout the race is what makes her a champion.

2. Her physical gifts. She is not the tallest or strongest women in the field, but her ability to swim streamlined and balanced for 10,000 meters under extraordinary physical stress is a testament to her aerobic capacity and the increased speed that she has developed over this Olympic quadrennial.

3. Her strategy. She is bold and she challenges her competitors to keep up with her. As she takes out the swim at a high pace from the very beginning, she immediately gets in the driver’s seat. Even if she is not benefiting from a draft, her position at the front of the pack means that she is avoiding all the physicality that wears on her competitors and necessarily means that others much adapt to her strategy.

4. Her navigational IQ. She has an uncanny ability to swim straight. Her swimming style is extremely balanced and her kick compliments her arm stroke. She trains herself to swim straight by closing her eyes in practice and this ability to take the shortest course in the Serpentine is a lethal weapon in her tool shed.

5. Her motivation. She deeply wants this and has dreamed of Olympic gold in a humble way for years. She has modified everything from her diet to her scheduling in order to achieve her burning desire for victory in front of her home fans.

6. Her composure. She delivers through when it is most important. Her ability to stay cool, calm and collected is remarkable despite a cacophony of commotion around her and sky-high expectations placed on her shoulders. This ability to stay composed with perhaps 100,000 fans screaming for her in the Serpentine is what can separate her from her rivals.

7. Her team. British Gas, her many sponsors, and British Swimming have provided her with the ultimate team of coaches. This financial, logistical and operational support has enabled her to travel globally in preparation and to train with the latest of scientific information and technologies. No stone has been left unturned in a four-year plan to deliver victory on August 9th.

8. Destiny. The silver medalist in 2008 and 2-time world champion is a humble, down-to-earth ambassador of the sport. She is appreciative of her team, teammates, sponsors and fans. She is respectful to the media and can eloquently speak of the beauty of the sport and engages well to everyone from children and executives. It seems just right that she takes the gold, gets married to her fiance after the Olympics, and rides off into the sunset as a champion.

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