Why Open Water Swimming Rocks

Why Open Water Swimming Rocks

Mike Gustafson of SwimNetwork gave ten reasons why he thinks open water swimming rocks.

His insightful and entertaining article on SwimNetwork – which will broadcast the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim World Record Attempt next week – is here.

To quote Mike,

1) You have to know your opponent.
2) To be good at open water, you don’t have to be the best in the pool.
3) Open water swimmers are tougher.
4) Pursuit races.
5) Chicks dig scars, gross stories, and examples of toughness.
6) The cure for pool burnout.
7) Different racing strategies.
8) Better for spectators.
9) You learn to swim straight.
10) You actually go somewhere.

We gotta like that reason #10.

Photo by Dr. Jim Miller from the 2005 World Swimming Championships.

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