Why We Get Fat And What To Do About It

Why We Get Fat And What To Do About It

SAN DIEGO. Catalina Channel swimmer Dr. Peter Attia is on to something and wants to make the world a healthier place tomorrow.

He has started a war on insulin and he is calling others to go to battle with him against the great scourge of modern society: obesity.

It is a good fight, but like all great military leaders, Dr. Attia is both tactical and strategic – and before he leads others on this onslaught of obesity, he tooled up with information, research and logistics.

The highly educated Canadian native who studied at Stanford Medical School, Johns Hopkins Hospital and the National Cancer Institute gathered and analyzed the available information on the causes and effects of obesity.

He then experimented on himself to get a first-hand understanding of the underlying problems and practical solutions.

The result has been a carefully thought-out approach to sharing the news to enable others to lead to more healthful lifestyle. He started out helping a handful of elite athletes, from swimmers to triathletes, and a range of other adults interested in improved health and fitness. Then, in order to reach a wider audience, he started his online dissemination of information (refer to his online war room here) and is now quickly growing followers of every age and walk of life from his headquarters in San Diego, California.

He explains here on why we get fat.

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Steven Munatones