Why?  Why Not?

Why? Why Not?

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

When open water swimmers see a majestic lake something like Lac Léman (Lake Geneva, Le Léman, Lac de Genève, Genfersee) that borders Switzerland and France, they ponder questions like…

* how far [to the other shore]?
* how cold [is the water temperature]?
* who has swum this before? If anyone?
* how to find an escort boat?
* when is a good time to cross?
* where best to start and finish?
* are there open water events here?

But then open water swimmers dig further and occasionally find out that the body of water is off-limits to swimming…

If they are so motivated, the mind of the open water swimmer shifts into overdrive. They begin a long process of working through government bureaucracy and local disbelief that such a swim can be made.

But with a lot of effort and a bit of luck, the swim will be made.

In the case of Lac Léman, Ben Barham makes it easy with the Lake Geneva Swimming Association (LGSA). “If you are escorted by a boat, are insured, and have filled in forms with the relevant authorities, you can swim. The LGSA puts in the leg work.”

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Steven Munatones