Wild Swimming Brothers Take Risks To Live Up To Name

Wild Swimming Brothers Take Risks To Live Up To Name

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Open water swimming is occasionally described as rough water swimming or wild swimming.

In the case of the Wild Swimming Brothers (including 24-year-old Jack Hudson, 26-year-old Calum Hudson and 29-year-old Robbie Hudson), they can certainly be described as rough water swimmers.

Later this month, the trio will take rough water swimming is its extreme with their Into the Maelstrom event.

Into the Maelstrom is a tandem swim attempt by the Hudson Brothers to swim across the two biggest and most powerful whirlpools in the world, the Moskstraumen and Saltstraumen in Norway. Swirling violently off the Norwegian coast, above the Arctic Circle, and on the edge of the Lofoten Islands, these two vast whirlpools have the strongest and fastest tidal currents in the world.

The purpose of their two-part tandem swim, scheduled between August 20th-20th, is to raise awareness about oil drilling plans in the Lofoten Islands.

Stage 1 is their Mosktraumen swim, an 8 km point-to-point crossing between the islands of Vaeroy and Mosken across the strongest and biggest whirlpool in the world. They will cross a central whirlpool has a diameter of 40–50 meters with strong tides combined with the northerly Norwegian Sea currents that result in currents up to 10.7 knots (20 km/hour or 12 mph).

Stage 2 is their Saltstraumen swim, a rapid sprint across a 0.25 km tidal split where the flow of the world’s fastest whirlpool moves 400,000,000 cubic meters of seawater through a 3 km long and 250-meter wide strait every six hours. Here, the brothers will face water speeds reaching 22 knots (41 km/hour or 25 mph).

Besides the inherent danger of swimming in, around and across the whirlpools, the Hudson Brothers will face an abundance of killer whales roaming the region and lion’s mane jellyfish floating nearby.

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