Wild Swimming Film And Book To Benefit Ponds

Wild Swimming Film And Book To Benefit Ponds

Wild Swimming Film And Book To Benefit Ponds

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Melanie Reed is hosting a wild swimming short film screening on May 18th at Corbet Place, an urban chic lounge bar with a big screen in the heart of Bricklane.

Wild Things Publishing presents a film exploring the ultimate wild swimming experience. The screening shows meetings of wild swimmers on their favorite escapes.

Environmental activist and wild swimmer Sarah Saunders will also give a talk about Wild Swimming Walks, a recently published book by a group of inspiring Kenwood Ladies Pond wild swimmers. Proceeds of the book will go towards preserving the ponds in their natural state. Signed copies of the book will also be on sale at a 14% discount, proceeds to the Kenwood Ladies Pond Association in the interest of preserving the natural state of the ponds for fellow swimmers.

Kenwood Ladies’ Pond – reserved solely for ladies – is part of a chain of ponds located on the eastern fringe of Hampstead Heath. The Heath is a large park in London that includes open water spots including the Highgate Men’s Pond, the Mixed Bathing Pond, and the Parliament Hill Lido where people have swum for over 200 years – from world-class swimmers to hardened year-round bathers.

For tickets and information, visit here. For more information on Wild Swimming Walks, visit here.

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