Wild Swimming Mongolia

Wild Swimming Mongolia

Wild Swimming Mongolia

Courtesy of Jessica Brooks, Ulaan Tsutgalan, Mongolia.

Beginning in 2017, passionate open water swimmer and experienced travel guide Jessica Brooks organized a Wild Swimming Mongolia experience over a 9-day period while offering training sessions with the Mongolian Triathlon Federation.

Brooks describes her top five swim spots in Mongolia in the midst of the Gobi Desert, the world’s fifth largest desert:

1. Khovsgol Nuur in Khovsgol Nuur National Park is a cold, clean freshwater lake in northern Mongolia at 1,645 meters above sea level.

2. Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur is a large rugged freshwater lake in Arkhangai Aimag in central Mongolia at 2,060 meters above sea level.

3. Khar Nuur is in Zavkhan Aimag which connects the Gobi Desert in the south with the western Khangai Mountain Range.

4. Ulaan Tsutgalan [shown above] is highlighted by a 20-meter high waterfall that is formed by a series of small streams and rivers including the Ulaan Gol.

5. Khoton Nuur and Khurgan Nuur are lakes located in the Altai Tavan Bogd National Park in far western Mongolia with the Chinese border providing a stunning backdrop.

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