Wild Swimming, Watching

Wild Swimming, Watching

Courtesy of Sheffield Adventure Film Festival, UK.

Sheffield Adventure Film Festival announced WILD SWIM, the first in its monthly online sessions hosted on the ShAFF Reelhouse Channel.

Wild Swim is a unique curation that brings together three wild swimming films: Body of WaterMy Big White Thighs and Me, and The Home for Broken Toys.

Body of Water is a 1 hour 35 minute film released in 2020 about a woman with an eating disorder who tries to balance her relationship with her mother and her teenage daughter.

My Big White Thighs and Me is a 25-minute documentary film released in 2017 about Hannah Maia’s personal journey travelling the UK, re-balancing life and taking the plunge. It is a story about womanhood, miscarriage, healing, loving your own skin and freezing your bum off in cold water.

The Home for Broken Toys is a 24-minute documentary film released in 2019 that tells the story of a group of middle-aged men, who dub themselves the East German Ladies Swimming Team, plunge into the freezing waters of a pond in central London every weekend through the winter. The Home for Broken Toys follows the team through one season to explore their motivations for braving the extreme cold each week.

ShAFF monthly sessions are available to rent for £7.39 for a limited time until February 28th (today). Proceeds are split equally between ShAFF and the filmmakers.

Watch WILD SWIM here. Listen to the complimentary ShAFF online talks here.

The Sheffield Adventure Film Festival offers over 100 adventure, travel and extreme sports films from around the world under the direction of Festival Director Matt Heason.

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