Wild Wednesday - Tonic Of The Sea With Katie Maggs

Wild Wednesday – Tonic Of The Sea With Katie Maggs

Courtesy of Jonathan J Scott.

Katie Maggs was featured in Tonic of the Sea, a mini-film by Jonathan Scott.

Starring Katie Maggs

Maggs told of the background of venturing beyond the shoreline, “Last year I became very unexpectedly unwell – caused by something as simple as physical and mental burnout. We all neglect our own self care sometimes with the demands of everyday life and so we forget to engage in quiet time, time with nature, ‘me’ time.

I have been so fortunate to have a wonderful Film director Jon Scott make a short documentary about my story – my break down, my struggle and my journey back to finding me through friendship and the sea. Scary to share – but in the hope that it could help others who at some point in this wonderful life may too feel temporarily lost.”

For more information, visit tonicofthesea.co.uk and @tonicofthesea.

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