Winter In Willoughby, Swimming In Snow

Winter In Willoughby, Swimming In Snow

Members of the Memphremagog Winter Swimming Society from Boston and Newport, gathered for some winter swimming at North Beach on Lake Willoughby, Vermont on December 19th when the water temperature was about 34°F (1.1°C) with -7.7°C (18°F) air temperature.

Elaine Kornbau Howley, Polly Madding, Laurie Craigen, Charlotte Brynn, Pam Ladds, and Lynton Moore, a mix of Shark Bait Sheilas of Newport, Vermont and the L Streeters from Boston, are training for the Memphremagog Winter Swim Festival on February 26th – 27th, an event that maxed out with 135 winter swimmers:

  1. Cheryl Fellman (49) Juneau, Alaska
  2. Catherine Delneo(45) San Francisco, California
  3. Suzie Dods(61) San Rafael, California
  4. Thomas Hale(52) Laguna Beach, California
  5. April Holzer(29) Lancaster, California
  6. David Schreibman(59) San Francisco, California
  7. Jeremy Whelchel(35) Walnut, California
  8. Martin McMahon(59) Simsbury, Connecticut
  9. Susie Nolan Loiselle(57) Old Saybrook, Connecticut
  10. Talbott Crowell(54) Naples, Florida
  11. Lisa Adkins(61) Marietta, Georgia
  12. Elizabeth Almond(46) Atlanta, Georgia
  13. Qing Li(31) Chicago, Illinois
  14. Stephen Rouch(40) Indianapolis, Indiana
  15. Barry O’Connor(58) Dublin, Ireland
  16. Alana Aubin(31) Belmont, Massachusetts
  17. Billy Baker(44) Essex, Massachusetts
  18. Rick Born(58) Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts
  19. Amy Craigen(43) Salem, Massachusetts
  20. Laurie Craigen(43) Boston, Massachusetts
  21. Rena Demeo(52) Nahant, Massachusetts
  22. Florian Gollnow(41) Quincy, Massachusetts
  23. Christopher Graefe(45) Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts
  24. Ted Hirsch(61) Hull, Massachusetts
  25. Elaine Howley(43) Waltham, Massachusetts
  26. Stephanie Kors(28) Waltham, Massachusetts
  27. Natalie Lang(44) Watertown, Massachusetts
  28. Kellie Latimer(36) Franklin, Massachusetts
  29. Sam Levinson(33) Allston, Massachusetts
  30. Polly Madding(41) Boston, Massachusetts
  31. Maura McEnaney(64) Medford, Massachusetts
  32. Karen Nazor(58) Maynard, Massachusetts
  33. Damase Olsson(50) Sutton, Massachusetts
  34. Grace Pietsch(39) South Grafton, Massachusetts
  35. Elliot Reed(42) Easthampton, Massachusetts
  36. Jessica Rinaldi(41) Medford, Massachusetts
  37. Martha Wood(58) Manchester, Massachusetts
  38. Denis Crean(61) Annapolis, Maryland
  39. Reynald Dupuis(53) New Market, Maryland
  40. Sue Faibisch(52) New Market, Maryland
  41. Chuck Flayhart(54) New Market, Maryland
  42. Anita Hartsock(48) Silver Spring, Maryland
  43. Florence Litzenger(49) New Market, Maryland
  44. Jim Loreto(48) Bethesda, Maryland
  45. Janet Manning(58) Frederick, Maryland
  46. Anne McLindon(54) Bethesda, Maryland
  47. Mark Milleker(58) Severna Park, Maryland
  48. Jennifer Mullen(34) New Market, Maryland
  49. Lori Rogers(61) New Market, Maryland
  50. Philippa Rogers(24) Halethorpe, Maryland
  51. James Rogers(62) New Market, Maryland
  52. Carol-lynn Swol(52) Hyattsville, Maryland
  53. Sue Aripotch(64) Northeast Harbor, Maine
  54. John Gale(64) Portland, Maine
  55. Gail Gladstone(52) Mount Desert, Maine
  56. Puranjot Kaur(42) Bar Harbor, Maine
  57. Roz Kreilkamp(68) Mount Desert, Maine
  58. Melissa Ossanna(52) Bar Harbor, Maine
  59. Mariah Reading(27) Bangor, Maine
  60. Alison Richardson(39) Isle au Haut, Maine
  61. Jesse Stevens(47) Sweden, Maine
  62. Heidi Turner(50) Mount Desert, Maine
  63. Anne Woodman(45) Seal harbor, Maine
  64. Jennifer Grace(60) Enfield, New Hampshire
  65. Ginny Peck(76) N Woodstock, New Hampshire
  66. Margaret Rivard(13) Springfield, New Hampshire
  67. Vera Rivard(17) Springfield, New Hampshire
  68. Andrew Wallace(56) Ocean Grove, New Jersey
  69. Robbie Bailey(53) New York, New York
  70. Robert Bailey(55) New York, New York
  71. Seth Bornstein(65) New York, New York
  72. Edward Gabriels(60) Germantown, New York
  73. Libby Garland(51) Brooklyn, New York
  74. Leslie Hamilton(29) New York, New York
  75. William Hodgess(38) Brooklyn, New York
  76. Mary Isakson(63) New York, New York
  77. Juliet Kadlecek(51) New York, New York
  78. Josh Kalin(46) Brooklyn, New York
  79. Marty Munson(58) New York, New York
  80. Jan Noordin(53) New York, New York
  81. Diane Adams(57) Canton, Ohio
  82. Anne Coen(79) Canton, Ohio
  83. Margaret Gadzic (43) Canton, Ohio
  84. Marci Held (41) North Canton, Ohio
  85. Mary James (40) Massillon, Ohio
  86. Jan Jordan (67) Massillon, Ohio
  87. Kelly Mastriacovo (53) Canton, Ohio
  88. Gigi Somerville (60) Canton, Ohio
  89. Bridget Williams (45) North Canton, Ohio
  90. Janice Barker (47) Oakville, Ontario, Canada
  91. Nadine Bennett (48) Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  92. Richie Eslawa (52) Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
  93. Marites Estolas (44) Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
  94. Edwin Greenfield (63) Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
  95. Thomas Heyerdahl (59) Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  96. Aimee Jones (40) Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  97. Susan McKay (43) Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  98. Laurie Moynagh (51) Georgetown, Ontario, Canada
  99. Josef Polcz (62) Barrie, Ontario, Canada
  100. Sharon Purdy (72) Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  101. Derek Tucker (51) Nepean, Ontario, Canada
  102. Marlys Cappaert (63) Corvallis, Oregon
  103. Daniela Klaz (30) Oregon City, Oregon
  104. Cyndi Werhane (52) Portland, Oregon
  105. Elizabeth Bhagat (42) Hummelstown, Pennsylvania
  106. Brydee Farmer (60) Fleetwood, Pennsylvania
  107. Louise Hyder-Darlington (60) Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania
  108. Diane McManus (70) Upper Darby, Pennsylvania
  109. Paula Miller (49) Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  110. Jane Price (58) Wernersville, Pennsylvania
  111. Mary Stella (45) Kingston, Pennsylvania
  112. Amy Wierman (55) Allentown, Pennsylvania
  113. Cheryl Hatch (62) Middleyown, Rhode Island
  114. Christina Lorenson (48) Coventry, Rhode Island
  115. Thomas Young-Bayer (42) Bristol, Rhode Island
  116. Sarah Watson (42) Charleston, South Carolina
  117. Robert Cass (53) Virginia Beach, Virginia
  118. Brian Jaskot (43) Vienna, Virginia
  119. Susan Kasimer (39) McLean, Virginia
  120. Matthew Marcy (53) Bluemont, Virginia
  121. Andrea Nelson (43) Arlington, Virginia
  122. Robert Soulliere (57) Alexandria, Virginia
  123. Peter Villano (50) Falls Church, Virginia
  124. Kathryn Wiseman (57) Vienna, Virginia
  125. Carol Wortman (55) Alexandria, Virginia
  126. Charlotte Brynn (55) Newport, Vermont
  127. Amy Leah de Camp-Thomas (43) Shrewsbury, Vermont
  128. Pam Ladds (71) Newport City, Vermont
  129. Maggie Lonergan (32) Thetford, Vermont
  130. Galen Miller (43) Shrewsbury, Vermont
  131. Lynton Moore (54) Newport, Vermont
  132. Sean Postlewaite (54) Charlotte, Vermont
  133. Julie Postlewaite (49) Charlotte, Vermont
  134. Karyn Stannard (63) Fair Haven, Vermont
  135. Mike Stannard (63) Fair Haven, Vermont

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The two-lane, 25-meter pool is cut in the ice of Lake Memphremagog at The EastSide Restaurant. White explains, “While winter swimming is widespread and popular in Europe, Newport’s pool is the only 25-meter competitive winter swimming pool cut in the ice in all of the Americas. 

The first Festival was held in 2015 with 41 Pioneers.  It has been held every year since then with the exception of last year, when we went virtual.  We’re back. Every swimmer and every volunteer is required to be fully vaccinated and boosted.  

Because of the growth of the sport and the presence of 40 winter swimmers on this year’s waiting list, the Festival Organizing Committee will be looking to expand the Festival with an additional day of swimming in 2023. The event is organized and hosted by Kingdom Games and the Memphremagog Winter Swimming Society.  Kingdom Games now hosts over 30 days of open water swimming, running, biking and winter swimming events throughout the year.

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