Winter Swim Festival In Mighty Memphremagog

Winter Swim Festival In Mighty Memphremagog

Yuta Tsuboi

Cristian Vergara and Greg O’Connor

Charlotte Brynn

Courtesy of Phil White, Memphremagog Winter Swim Festival, Vermont.

They’re back. Those crazy, wonderful swimmers are returning on March 5th and 6th for the Second Annual Memphremagog Winter Swim Festival at Newport, Vermont. The events will be held in a 25-meter, 2-lane pool cut in the ice on Lake Memphremagog.

The Festival where 8 countries will be represented as well as American from 11 states, is underwritten by the Northeast Kingdom Tasting Center and Eden Ice Cider. Citizens of Scotland, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, California, Illinois, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, Puerto Rico, Toronto, Ottawa, Kingston, Ontario and Quebec will compete in 25m, 50m, 100, and 200m races.*

The Organizing Committee includes Greg O’Connor, Janet Kylander Manning, Charlotte Brynn, Helen Lin, Rena Demeo, Sarah Watson, and Amanda Hunt, and Phil White.

Registration is available here. For more information, contact Phil White at [email protected].

* Participants include Carlos Alvarez, Robbie Bailey, Robert Bailey, Nadine Bennett, Caroline Block, Rick Born, Silverio Bracaglia, Charlotte Brynn, Devon Clifford, Talbott Crowell, Rena Marie Demeo, Deborah Durbin, John Gale, Gemma Gibb, Tom Hale, Amanda Hunt, Lynn Kubasek, Kelly Joyce Latimer, Kenn Lichtenwalter, Helen Lin, Ozlen Luznar, Janet Kylander Manning, Anne Whalen McLindon, Jaimie Monahan, Greg O’Connor, Lelané Rossouw-Bancroft, Francois-Bernard Tremblay, Brynna Tucker, Yuta Tsuboi, Sarah Watson, Martha Wood, Paula Yankauskas, and Scott Zornig.

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