Winter Swimming, A Film By Jack Bright

Winter Swimming, A Film By Jack Bright

It’s extreme. It’s brutally cold. And exhilarating.

Jack Bright is producing a film on 1.PKO, a swimming club in the Czech Republic that specializes in winter swimming in freezing water temperatures. “It isn’t just a few crazy people, but an organized sport with frequent races through the winter season,” explained Briht. “In the Czech Republic some of the world’s most extreme winter swimming is held due to an excellent organization with rules that have developed over 50 years.”

In winter, the temperature of the open water drops to 0°C (32°F). Some people swim in such temperatures for up to 22 minutes. We swim up to 1K competitively in near freezing water sometimes and there is an ongoing competition called the Czech Cup with races every weekend through the winter. At the top end, there are channel swimmers. At the other end, there are people who like to swim for pleasure so a wide spectrum of people are involved..”

The film was shot during one of the harshest central European winters in years and features beautiful cinematography from award-winning Jan Mika. “Hopefully after watching this film, people will be inclined to embrace nature, be more active and try winter swimming for themselves.”

Watch some incredible scenes from Jack’s film here. You can also be a part of the film: read here or check out this for more background on extreme winter swimming.

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Steven Munatones