Wipeouts And A Turnaround At The Wedge

Wipeouts And A Turnaround At The Wedge

Courtesy of WOWSA, Newport Beach, California.

USA Swimming held its 2003 FINA World Championship qualification races at Newport Beach, California. The water was much colder than expected in June where Andy Bray was eventually one of the few swimmers to complete the 16 km race.

The turnaround point of the race was near The Wedge, a local surfing, body boarding and body surfing spot located at the east end of the Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach. During a south swell of the right size and direction, the Wedge can produce decent-sized waves as is shown in a recent swell [shown below]. It is the start of the Big Richard, the longest beach run + ocean swim in the United States.

July 4th 2020 with Jamie O’Brien, Tyler Thornsley, Blair Conklin, Brad Domke, Sage Burke, Dawson Tylers, Dylan ZaZueta, Bobby Okvist
April 24th 2021 with Tyler Stanaland, Tommy Cantrell, Johnny Weber, JJ Ayala, Greyson Fletcher, Blair Conklin, Brad Domke, Hydrofoil man

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