With Gratitude From The Open Water To Those On The Boat

With Gratitude From The Open Water To Those On The Boat

Joseph Locke, as many swimmers before him, struggled with how to properly respond to his escort boat captain and crew. The profound nature of the reliance, protection, love and guidance that the captain and crew shower upon a swimmer is fully comprehensible on a boat in the middle of the ocean.

Joseph attempts to explains, “I can’t tell you how touched I am for all the support [I received] from the Night Train Swimmers and the [San Francisco] Bay area swimming community.

The moral support was something I have ever experienced. I didn’t expect this and don’t know how to fully express my gratitude for all that you and everyone has done for me

I was watching [Captain Vito Bialla] throughout my entire swim. I could tell he never took his eyes off me. At no time did I feel unsafe and just cannot believe the effort put in to back me up. I saw Kimberley and Patti on the boat the whole time, watching, clapping, and encouraging. Paul was always there on the feedings spurring me on and giving me feedback. It was truly amazing and inspirational having Darrin, Patti, Phil, Dave and Kimberley getting in that tortuous ice bath with me.

Most importantly, who knew my penchant for masochism would lead me to such an incredible group of people? As the religious holiday winds down I don’t think I have ever felt more blessed. Thank you all.”

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Steven Munatones