The votes are verified by unique email address and also IP address. If more than one person is voting using the same wifi (or network) the system will not send a verification code. We are doing this to ensure a secure voting system and also make it possible for users to vote without registration. Please review our Terms & Conditions before voting.

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1. We are tracking duplicate IP addresses. Any duplicate IP addresses are automatically marked as suspicious. At the completion of the contest, those votes will be removed.

2. Fake addresses are flagged. Those emails will be processed by an email verification system at the end of the contest. If they bounce or are marked as invalid, those votes will be eliminated.

3. If the emails look fake, they are flagged and will be sent an email in order to confirm their legitimacy.

4. We look for emails that are received within 1 hour or minutes of each other or on a regular schedule.​

5. We flag similar IP address that rotate in a pattern from the same location or country.

6. We flag spaced out automation.

7. If we can not confirm the identity and the contest is a close call, emails will be sent to all voters in order to confirm their legal vote.

8. Any indisputable bot votes will be removed at the end of each voting day.

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