Women In The Water - Why They Are Wonderful

Women In The Water – Why They Are Wonderful

Open Water Source will host a webinar live from the RCP Tiburon Mile in San Francisco on September 17th: Women In The Water Webinar.

The one-hour Women In The Water webinar will start at 4 pm San Francisco time (7 pm New York time). The co-hosts will talk about the absolutely wonderful year that women have had in the water – women of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.

The show will focus on the exploits of some well-known female athletes from Australian Penny Palfrey (swimming in the Cayman Islands), American Diana Nyad (in the Florida Strait), the relay members Linda Kaiser and Michelle Macy (on a mixed relay from Oahu to Kauai), 10K world champion Keri-Anne Payne from Great Britain, 5K world champion Swann Oberson from Switzerland and 25K world champion Anna Marcela Cunha. Among the thousands of amazing swims this year by women all over the world, Open Water Source will highlight and explain the exploits of these luminaries in the sport.

Each of these women faced and overcame obstacles and the back stories behind their triumphs is fascinating.

7-time world champion Shelley Taylor-Smith, Open Water Source’s Mike Lewis and Daily News of Open Water Swimming Editor-in-Chief Steven Munatones will discuss the situations, preparation and remarkable athletic achievements of these women in a special one-hour online discussion. Listen to how these women prepared for their swims. Learn what they encountered in the water, from marine life to inhospitable conditions. Understand how they overcame the inevitable obstacles faced by marine life, the elements and competitive rivals.

The stories behind their triumphs are compelling and enlightening.

Entertaining, enlightening and educational, the webinar will shed light and insight on these women who are representative of those who challenge themselves in the open water world.

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