Women In The Water - World Open Water Swimming Woman Of The Year Voting

Women In The Water – World Open Water Swimming Woman Of The Year Voting

What a year 2011 has been for women in the water.

Whether from the South American continent (Pilar Geijo), Oceania (Penny Palfrey), North America (Diana Nyad) or Europe (Keri-Anne Payne), this year’s women in the water have been incredibly impressive and inspirational.

Whether they were quiet or eloquent, young or old, single or married, professional or amateur, royalty or not, these women in the open water are heroines to the highest order. Humble by nature or humbled by nature, these women are focused, talented and motivating ambassadors of the sport. With 9 more days to go in the online voting for the World Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year, below is the current status of the WOWSA Awards:

1. Pilar Geijo (Argentina) – World Professional Marathon Swimming Champion – 1,203 votes (20%)
2. Penny Palfrey (Australia) – Marathon Swimmer Extraordinaire – 938 votes (16%)
3. Ana Marcela Cunha (Brazil) – World Marathon Swimming Champion – 667 votes (11%)
4. Diana Nyad (USA) – Inspiration and Determination Redux – 604 votes (10%)
5. Keri-Anne Payne (Great Britain) – World Champion and Olympic Favorite – 595 votes (10%)
6. Elizabeth Fry (USA) – Two Times Makes Double – 469 votes (8%)
7. Pat Gallant-Charette (USA) – Nursing Marathon Excellence – 448 votes (8%)
8. Anna-Carin Nordin (Sweden) – Swedish Aloha In The Channels – 287 votes (5%)
9. Pamela Dickson (New Zealand) – Lady of the Lake – 272 votes (5%)
10. Angela Maurer (Germany) – Mother of Marathoners – 191 votes (3%)
11. Charlene Wittstock, Her Serene Highness – The Princess of Monaco – 156 votes (3%)
12. Marcy MacDonald (USA) – Freestyling Foot Doctor (shown above) – 110 votes (2%)

Voting continues until December 31st.


The WOWSA Award for Woman of the Year is given not necessarily to the best athlete, but is meant to honor the individual who (1) best embodies the spirit of open water swimming, (2) possesses the sense of adventure, tenacity and perseverance that open water swimmers are known for, and (3) has most positively influenced the world of open water swimming in 2011.

Wherever these individuals ultimately finish in the WOWSA Awards, they are all wonderful role models of the sport, representing the epitome of everything that is cool, right and good about open water swimming.

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