Women's Olympic 10K Marathon Swim Finalists For Tokyo

Women’s Olympic 10K Marathon Swim Finalists For Tokyo

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

The women’s Olympic 10K Marathon Swim field was finalized yesterday at the FINA Olympic Marathon Swim Qualifier in Parque Urbano de Albarquel in Setúbal Bay, Portugal to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics.

Olympic 10K Marathon Swim Finalists:

1. Xin Xin (China)
2. Haley Anderson (USA)
3. Rachele Bruni (Italy)
4. Lara Grangeon (France)
5. Ana Marcela Cunha (Brazil)
6. Ashley Twichell (USA)
7. Kareena Lee (Australia)
8. Finnia Wunram (Germany)
9. Leonie Beck (Germany)
10. Sharon van Rouwendaal (Netherlands)
11. Anna Olasz (Hungary) [shown above]
12. Paula Ruiz Bravo (Spain)
13. Kate Sanderson (Canada)
14. Alice Dearing (Great Britain)
15. Angelica Andre (Portugal) [shown below]
16. Cecilia Biagioli (Argentina)
17. Anastasia Kirpichnikova (Russian)
18. Samantha Arevalo (Ecuador)
19. Spela Perse (Slovenia)
20. Yumi Kida (Japan)
21. Michelle Weber (South Africa)
22. Paola Perez (Venezuela)
23. Krystyna Panchishko (Ukraine)
24. Li-Shan Chantal Liew (Singapore)
25. Souad Nefissa Cherouati (Algeria)

Due to the water temperature, the athletes were required to wear wetsuits. “It will be interesting to see the relative performance of the swimmers without a wetsuit – which will be the case in Tokyo in the very warm water of Odaiba Marine Park in Tokyo Bay – compared to their performances with a wetsuit in the colder water of Setúbal Bay,” said Steven Munatones.

Anna Olasz of Hungary said after her victory in today’s FINA Olympic Marathon Swim Qualifier, “My goal for Tokyo is definitely being in the top 8. My goal will depend on who qualifies but I think the top 15 girls are all so close to each other in terms of performance. We don’t have anyone that is hugely standing out even though some girls are very very strong and show really good form. I believe around 15 girls have a true chance to make it to the podium,” she evaluates.”

Angelica Andre of Portugal who said before the FINA Qualifier, “Although this year has been complicated for everyone, I managed to continue training normally. We have had good conditions all the way through in Portugal, fortunately. I have not been swimming in the ocean, but in the pool mainly. I have continued as normal and it has paid off.

FINA Technical Open Water Swimming Committee Vice-Chairman Sid Cassidy said of the Qualifier, “It was an incredibly clean race. We had very few whistles and absolutely no red cards. The girls were very well behaved and all seemed to feed of each other’s energy. It was exciting to watch. Thrilled to have 15 more new Olympians.

The lead pack was so big for the first two loops. The smarter swimmers were never in the lead. In the third loop, the pack started to break apart a little, but I though [Angelica Andre] did a great job at pacing herself into a good position. I though the three of the podium performers swam outstanding.” 

There have been ups and downs for everyone over the last year. Angelica Andre, who competed for the 9th time in the Setúbal Bay venue, recalled, “I had to quarantine in January because I contracted COVID-19. I had to stop training for 10 days, but after this I resumed as normal and was able to compete in Doha. I wasn’t too affected and I had no symptoms at all.”

Similar to Andre, Hungary’s Olasz considered herself in fortunate position vis-a-vis the pandemic, “We were pretty lucky in Hungary because the pools only closed for about five or six weeks, compared to other nations that had to miss out on two or three months of training. So five weeks is really not that terrible. And also I’m pretty lucky because I love to run so I just kept on doing some easy dry land stuff that I could do at home. I kept running so I wouldn’t lose my endurance. After this period we could trained pretty much normally. Obviously we had restrictions but nothing that would massively disrupt our preparation.

I mostly train in a swimming pool. Especially when the weather isn’t great. But since the Europeans and for the past three weeks I also train in open water twice a week and then because there is a rowing course next to my city I can also use that. I was in a training camp in Turkey recently, so I could swim in the sea.” 

Paula Ruiz Bravo of Spain (2nd on left), Anna Olasz, Hungary (1st in middle), Kate Farley Sanderson (3rd on right)

2021 FINA Olympic Marathon Swim Qualifier Results:

  1. Anna Olasz, Hungary (27) 2:01:55.50
  2. Paula Ruiz Bravo, Spain (22) 2:01:58.00
  3. Kate Farley Sanderson (21) 2:01:58.40
  4. Alice Dearing, Great Britain (24) 2:02:01.20
  5. Angelica Andre, Portugal (26) 2:02:23.70
  6. Maria de Valdes, Spain (22) 2:02:49.50
  7. Cecilia Biagioli, Argentina (36) 2:02:52.20
  8. Anastasiia Kirpichnikova, Russia (20) 2:02:53.10
  9. Samantha Arévalo, Ecuador (26) 2:02:54.10
  10. Mafalda Rosa, Portugal (17) 2:02:54.90
  11. Spela Perse, Slovenia (24) 2:02:57.70
  12. Yumi Kida, Japan (35) 2:03:03.10
  13. Danielle Huskisson, Great Britain (28) 2:03:04.80
  14. Reka Rohacs, Hungary (21) 2:03:09.50
  15. Michelle Weber, South Africa (24) 2:03:12.10
  16. Romina Soledad Inwinkelried, Argentina (26) 2:03:13.00
  17. Paola Perez, Venezuela (30) 2:03:31.60
  18. Krystyna Panchishko, Ukraine (23) 2:04:20.90
  19. Minami Niikura, Japan (23) 2:04:55.60
  20. Johanna Enkner, Austria (21) 2:05:24.90
  21. Stephanie Horner, Canada (32) 2:05:29.30
  22. Eva Fabian, Israel (27) 2:05:29.50
  23. Alena Benesova, Czech Republic (23) 2:05:35.90
  24. Maria Jose Mata Cocco, Mexico (26) 2:07:16.40
  25. Maria Bramont-Arias, Peru (21) 2:08:14.40
  26. Lenka Sterbova, Czech Republic (26) 2:09:13.50
  27. Klaudia Tarasiewicz, Poland (17) 2:09:27.40
  28. Martha Sandoval, Mexico (22) 2:11:29.70
  29. Li-Shan Chantal Liew, Singapore (22) 2:12:19.50
  30. Souad Nefissa Cherouati, Algeria (32) 2:13:11.40
  31. Tsz Yin Nip, Hong Kong (21) 2:14:14.70
  32. Hania Moro, Egypt (24) 2:15:21.70
  33. Stephanie Houtman, South Africa (18) 2:16:32.60
  34. Sandy Atef, Egypt (21) 2:17:23.90
  35. Yi-Chen Wang, Chinese Taipei (21) 2:17:27.50
  36. Mahina Nicole Valdivia Dannenberg, Chile (25) 2:18:26.10
  37. Pac Tung Nikita Lam, Hong Kong (20) 2:21:16.30
  38. Lilian Hernandez, Venezuela (29) 2:24:19.20
  39. Pimpun Choopong, Thailand (25) 2:24:51.90
  40. Sofie Frichot, Seychelles (31) 2:26:34.00

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