Wonderful Wild Swimmers Of The Year

Wonderful Wild Swimmers Of The Year

Wonderful Wild Swimmers Of The Year

Courtesy of Team Selkie, Queenford Lakes, UK.

Courtesy of Dartmoor Swimmer, UK.

Courtesy of Wild Welsh Swimmer, Wales.

The Wild Swimming Brothers (including Jack Hudson, Calum Hudson and Robbie Hudson) announced their nominations for the Wild Swimmer of the Year 2018:

Nominees for the 2018 Wild Swimmer of the Year:
* Ross Edgley
* Katia Vastiau
* Fay Preene
* Dartmoor Swimmer
* Diego López
* Ellen Taylor
* Hamza Bakircioglu
* Lindsey Cole
* Megan Susannah
* Wild Welsh Swimmer

Calum Hudson explained the criteria for selection of the 10 passionate wild swimmers, “After a busy year of swimming, we’ve followed some incredible aquatic journeys and wanted to compile our shortlist of the wildest swimmers of the year.

We like to class a wild swim as a swim outdoors in the natural world, so no outdoor pools or lidos as we’ll put that into the subcategory of outdoor swimming. We’re also leaving out the big channel, marathon, and open water swimmers as we wanted to create a list of people who are within grasp of mere mortals and these swimmers are very well represented by WOWSA.

We also wanted to bring to you a fresh list of wild swimmers and as such will not be featuring any of our amazing swimmers nominated in the 2017 list (see below). Every single swimmer from 2017 has been blazing a watery trail all year and we continue to follow their journeys

Nominees for the 2017 Wild Swimmer of the Year:
* Vivienne Rickman-Poole
* Calum Maclean
* Ella Chloe
* Swim Story Sam
* Birna Hronn
* Bárbara Hernández Huerta
* Norman Todd and Colin Macleod
* Tam McVean
* Swimstaman

Swimmers like Ross Edgley of the Great British Swim fame, Turkish swimmer Hamza Bakircioglu of Double Ice Mile fame, Spanish swimmer Spanish Bull Diego López Dominguez of Continents Seven fame were nominated together with other similarly passionate wild swimmers like Belgian Katia Vastiau of Team Selkie [shown above], Fay Preene of the Buoy 13 Swimming Club, Dartmoor Swimmer, ice swimmer Ellen Taylor, Urban Mermaid Lindsey Cole in the River Thames, Megan Susannah known as the Mermaid In The City, and the Wild Welsh Swimmer [shown above] who swim, float, dive in and across seas, oceans, lakes, llyns, rivers, ponds, pools, and quarries around the world and are recognized for their passion and visual creativity by the Wild Swimming Brothers.

For more details, links and photos of these nominees, read on here for the 2018 nominees and here for 2017 nominees.

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