Working On Jaws Leads To Shark Sculptures

Working On Jaws Leads To Shark Sculptures

Parisian Victor Douieb was initially a dental ceramist and technician. “This gave me the knowledge and experience that later made sculpturing very natural to me. One day while at work, I suddenly got the urge to sculpt a little shark out of silver, not realizing that 20 years later, sculpting would become my profession.”

Going from teeth to sharks was an inspiration that has led to a plethora of beautiful marine art (see here).

Douieb not only creates sculptures sharks as artwork showcasing the creature’s pure simplicity, but also to help bring attention to overfishing and the needless slaughter by the shark fin industry.

He beings by creating his works in clay and then casting in bronze with beautiful and exotic patinas or in gleaming stainless steel, and then finishes by donating a percentage of proceeds from the sale of the artwork to numerous conservation organizations.

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