Working Out With The World's Elite Open Waterists

Working Out With The World’s Elite Open Waterists

When the Travel Channel’s Bikinis & Boardwalks goes to Rio de Janeiro with Aaron Peirsol, Ashley Twichell and Lexie Kelly to cover their participation in the King and Queen of the Sea competition, they will see the athletes race against each other.

While the race is a one-day fierce competition on the shores of Copacabana Beach, what we find most interesting are the workouts that the elite athletes do together prior to the competition.

They all ride on a bus together, stretch and warm-up…and then go after it in some tough, tough workouts.

To see Brazil’s Samuel de Bona, Poliana Okimoto, Allan do Carmo and Ana Marcela Cunha, America’s Aaron Peirsol, Ashley Twichell and Lexie Kelly, Italy’s Valerio Cleri and Rachele Bruni, Canada’s Xavier Deshamais and Zsofia Balazs, Argentina’s Guillermo Bertola and Pilar Geijo, Japan’s Yasunari Hirai and Kaoru Yamanaka, South Africa’s Chad Ho and Great Britain’s Keri-Anne Payne workout together in a pool ahead of time is fascinating and inspirational.

They push themselves like few other humans in the world…and then they get out and laugh and smile about their chosen profession. Observers can easily tell these athletes enjoy their lifestyle and the hard work that goes behind the scenes.

One of Twichell‘s workouts (shown above) went something like this:

1. Swim 3 x 300 (last 100 individual medley), 2 x 200 (last 100 individual medley), 1 x 100 individual medley. Kick 3 x 100 descending. Pull 400 negative split.
2. Kick/Swim 5 rounds of 150 kick for time, swim 150 recovery … each round on 6:00
3. 4 rounds of swim 1650 on 19:00 descending from threshold to best effort + pull recovery on 3:00 (starting at 17:00 and descending to 16:34)
4. 200 warm-down

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Steven Munatones