World Championship Racing - Impressive, Powerful, Bellissimo

World Championship Racing – Impressive, Powerful, Bellissimo

The abilities, endurance and speed of the world’s fastest marathon swimming women are impressive. The two close-up videos below from the 2009 25K world championship race and the 10K world championship race in Rome clearly demonstrate why these women are the best in the world.

In the 25 km race, you can see the speed, navigational IQ and power of the top three women – Angela Maurer of Germany, Anna Uvarova of Russia and Federica Vitale of Italy – in the final two minutes. Their form remains incredibly solid after nearly six hours of pure racing in the warm, wavy Mediterranean Sea. They swim straight with a strong kick and high turnover and great sighting techniques. Plus, their joy of medaling is evident.

In the 10 km race, you can similarly see the speed, navigational IQ and power of the lead pack, especially that of Keri-Anne Payne of Great Britain who led the race from start to finish and silver medalist Ekatarina Seliverstova of Russia and bronze medalist Martina Grimaldi of Italy. In the final six minutes of their nearly two hour race, you can see how straight they swim, how they incorporate nearly flawless sighting techniques in their stroke, how they quickly get around the turn buoys, how they draft (some better than others), their quick turn-over, great body position, bilateral breathing and ability to swim straight and pick up the pace at the very end of the race.

Impressive. Powerful. Bellissimo.

25K World Championship Race

10K World Championship Race

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Steven Munatones