World Records Across The Cayman Brac Channel

World Records Across The Cayman Brac Channel

Cayman Channels are the new it place in the open water world. 12 swimmers swam together from Cayman Brac to Little Cayman this past week.

It was wonderful. The conditions were perfect,” said coordinator Kate Alexander of the 5-mile inter-island channel swim. “We all made it safely and it was a straight shot across the channel. We split up into groups, each swimmer with safety boats escorting them and some swimmers with the new Swim Safety Devices around their waists as an extra means of safety.”

The group, which were guided by the Cayman Islands finest mariners and experienced seafarers, included His Excellency The Governor Duncan Taylor who is the fastest and most accomplished open water swimming head of state in the world.

Finishers included Alex Harling (38, UK, 2:59:01), Kerri Kanuga (41, Canada, 2:59:05), Andrea Roach (37, Canada, 3:04), Lizzy Berns (34, UK, 3:10), Kristina Horacek (29, USA, 3:10), Anne Jackson (50, Cayman, 3:18), Matthew McKinley (21, Cayman, 3:18), Felix Ebanks (20, Cayman, 3:20), Barb Pedersen (59, Zimbabwe, 3:22 with fins), Kate Alexander (53, USA, 3:25), Cordell Gutierrez (19, Cayman, 3:30 with fins) and Duncan Taylor (52, UK, 2:59:00).

World open water swimming records were set for the oldest finishers and largest group crossing.

Second photo above shows Kerri Kanuga (41) of Canada with a Swim Safety Devices.

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