World Marathon Swimming Rankings (Overall Female)

World Marathon Swimming Rankings (Overall Female)

The World Swimming Majors has compiled the data on thousands of open water swimmers in 30 major marathon swims around the world. The 30 events are listed here.

The data is organized and searchable by age, country, gender and location (e.g., English Channel). While the data base is not complete, it is interesting to see where swimmers rank. The more swims they do, the higher their rank.

Additionally, the more difficult and the longer the marathon swims are, the higher the ranking of the athletes. In other words, ranking is positively affected by the relative degree of difficulty, length and number of successful marathon swims in this fun-filled system.

Currently, the top 10 women overall, regardless of age or country of origin, are as follows:

1. Alison Streeter (GBR) 9,452 points
2. Penny Palfrey (AUS) 2,107 (middle photo)
3. Shelley Taylor-Smith (AUS) 1,445
4. Miyuki Fujita (JPN) 1,292
5. Susie Maroney (AUS) 1,239
6. Sally Minty-Gravett (UK) 1,201
7. Penny Dean (USA) 958 (bottom photo)
8. Vedika Bolliger (SUI) 902
9. Carrol Wannell (AUS) 856
10. Sue Oldham (AUS) 837 (top photo)

It must be noted that all the swims of such prolific marathon swimmers such as Cindy Nicholas, Vicki Keith and Pilar Geijo have not yet put completely inputted. The addition of their swims will undoubtedly change the rankings since these women have done – and in some cases, continue to do – so many professional marathon races and solo marathon swims around the world.

Swimmers can register, login and input their own marathon swims here. Marathon swimmers are encouraged to do so in order so the estimated 8,500 marathon swimmers can compare themselves with others of like minds and talents.

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