World Record Recognition Is A Long Time Coming

World Record Recognition Is A Long Time Coming

Guinness World Records formally approved the 2001 swim by Martin Strel down the Danube when the Slovenian swam 504.5 km (313 miles) in 84 hours 10 minutes, as the world’s longest non-stop swim.

Borut Strel recalls his father’s swim, “Martin was escorted by 4 kayakers working day and night shifts, a safety escort boat with two pilots onboard, and 6 vehicles on the road. The crew included kayakers, pilots, journalists, a physician, Internet support staff, time keepers from Timing Ljubljana, and Frantisek Richter who is a Slovakian (Bratislava) swimming judge. Martin stopped a few times on shore along the river in order to have a feeding, undergo a medical check-up, and gave short interviews to the media representatives following him in the towns along the course and in Budapest, Hungary. Martin swam according to the open water swimming rules without touching boat or escort contact under supervision of the observer.

He wore a neoprene wetsuit because water was too cold for this extended period of time in the water

The event was televised by Slovenian and Hungarian national television stations.

Photo courtesy of Strel Swimming Adventure Holidays shows Martin Strel in an earlier swim in 2000 down the Danube River.

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