World Record Relay Attempt In The Sea Of Cortez

World Record Relay Attempt In The Sea Of Cortez

An intrepid team of Americans and Mexicans will attempt an unprecedented swim of 182K (113 miles) across the Sea of Cortez in Mexico, a unique and rich aquatic ecosystem where the swimmers may encounter whales (fin, sperm, humpback, gray, blue or killer), giant manta rays, giant sea turtles and whale sharks

Three American swimmers, part of the Night Train will raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project and their three Mexican teammates, who will use the relay as a fundraiser for Por Ellas…Enlace, El Mar de Cortes III.

Captained by Vito Bialla, the team consists of Americans Christine Gonzales and Paul Lundgren, and Mexicans Monica Ramirez, Nora Toledano and Edna Llorens, a stellar group of experienced open water swimmers.

This 113-mile swim was on the list of futuristic swimsswims so difficult and so audacious that it would take a combination of big dreams, experienced swimmers, a capable support crew with a dash of luck in order to achieve success.

It is great to see the future being accomplished now.

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Steven Munatones