World Super Swim Record Holders

World Super Swim Record Holders

The current record at the 117.6 km Lake Toba Festival – World Super Swim is 28 hours 33 minutes, the cumulative time for the 3-day circumnavigation around Samosir Island in North Sumatra, Indonesia.

The Indonesian national open water swimming team members who set the record include (left to right) Eliza Delanira, Chris Guesdon (Safety Delegate), Annisa Fabiola, Annette (owner Tabo Cottage), Coach Maximillian Manurung, Andi Fabian, Claudia Ajeng S, Wamzy Widodo, Aflah Fadlan P, and Ghisna Ayeshya (not shown).

The World Super Swim is a series of 3 circumnavigation races around the Samosir Island in the world’s largest and deepest volcanic crater lake. On Day 1, the teams will compete over a distance of 40 km. On Day 2, the competition distance is also 40 km. On Day 3, the distance is 37.6 km. Each leg is 10 km (except for the very last leg).

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