World Swim Against Malaria - In The Pool Or Open Water

World Swim Against Malaria – In The Pool Or Open Water

The World Swim Against Malaria (WSM), a global initiative sponsored by Speedo and supported by FINA to raise money in order to fight malaria, will take place on June 25th with a goal to see 1 million swimmers take to the water around the world on June 25th.

FINA supports WSM because it is an opportunity for swimmers around the world to do something very simple, but substantial, for a humanitarian cause which could save thousands of lives. Already US$5.5 million has been raised after the first two events. As a result, 1.2 million mosquito nets have been distributed to protect 2.5 million people, mainly children, and 60,000 deaths have been avoided.

Malaria is the single largest killer of children around the world with 70% of malaria deaths by children under 5 years of age. One child dies of malaria every 30 seconds around the world. 100% of funds raised will be used to purchase and install mosquito nets.

Swims can be organized in different ways; each swim organizer can choose a format to make it enjoyable and meaningful for all those taking part. FINA President Dr. Julio C. Maglione said, “I am delighted this initiative continues to thrive in our sport of swimming. I believe it is a great advertisement for the strength and values of the community of swimmers around the world. I hope you will join FINA in supporting World Swim Against Malaria and in extending the invitation for swimmers to participate everywhere.”

Speedo donated 35,000 pieces of swimwear to encourage people to take part in WSM. In order to obtain Speedo swimwear, register and donate a minimum of US$5 (the cost of 1 bed net). Donating over US$20 will get you the maximum four items. People who donate pay for the postage and packaging to receive their Speedo swimwear.

What is so convenient for the global open water swimming community is that we can take a dip nearly anywhere with 70% of the Earth covered in natural bodies of water.

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