World Swimming Coaches Association vs. FINA

World Swimming Coaches Association vs. FINA

In recent articles by Craig Lord of Swim News, he reported that World Swimming Coaches Association is putting great pressure on FINA to make changes. Without understanding the implications, ramnifications or full scope of this intense debate and proposal, it was educational to read Craig‘s take on the newly proposed global aquatics organization.

The one proposal that caught our eye included one in which the FINA Coaches Commission would be elected by their peers – the national team coaches at the FINA World Championships.

This Commission would represent ALL disciplines which would include, presumably, open water swimming.

Whatever happens and is ultimately decided by the powers that be, we are hopeful that there will be someone among the new representative on the FINA Coaches Commission who are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about open water swimming.

We know of two men – Pierre Lafontaine of Swimming Canada (shown above) who has great ideas and provides great support for marathon swimming in Canada and Luis Liberato Baptista of the Portuguese Swimming Federation who oversees a vibrant open water swimming community in Portugal – who share our passion for the open water.

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