Would You Like To Live To 100?

Would You Like To Live To 100?

Courtesy of Tatiana Khrylova of Well Over Fifty Festival and Age of Happiness Project.

Dr. Roger Allsopp will speak at the Well Over Fifty Festival that will take place in Budva, Montenegro between September 30th and October 8th.

Tatiana Khrylova of the Age of Happiness project explains, “The Festival is dedicated to a healthy and happy life after the age of 50.

Topics include ‘How to Keep Your Good Health’ where we explain exercises based on timeless Taoist techniques that allow you to be healthy, beautiful and energetic way beyond fifty, ‘How to Eat Well’ about how to eat well without getting bigger than you want to be, ‘How to Look Good and be Attractive’ where a beauty consultant will host a workshop about the ways you can stay beautiful, and ‘How to Change Your Life’ about how to live better than ever, find your true passion, make money, get closer to the ones you love and enjoy your new life

Dr. Allsopp, who first swam across the English Channel at the age of 65 and then subsequently set the record for being the oldest person to swim the English Channel at the age of 70 in 2011, has quite the story to share and is certainly the embodiment of the Well Over Fifty concept.

Exactly like the sport of open water swimming, life is the human experience where one can expect the unexpected.

A retired surgeon from Guernsey, Dr. Allsopp knows all about the unexpected whether it was swimming through his 17 hour 51 minute English Channel crossing – or accidents on dryland. “Just under two years ago, I was involved in a serious car accident. I was very lucky to survive with multiple fractures to the shoulder, spine and chest.

I think my swimming history helped enormously with my recovery. I managed to avoid being put on a ventilator and all that would have gone with it. It gave me an insight into disablement and subsequently we have been able with new understanding to help disabled people swim each week.

I am almost completely recovered now and was able to compete for the first time at the Big Chill Swim, part of the International Winter Swimming World Cup series in Lake Windermere

Dr. Allsopp will talk about the current changes in longevity and how individuals can increase their chances of a long and healthy life.

For more information, visit Well Over Fifty or email festivalmontenegro@gmail.com.

The Age of Happiness Project serves to change perceptions of life after 70, 80 or even 100.

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