Wow, POW Impresses The Special Olympics Athletes And Coaches

Very good, excellent job,” was the word around the Olympic pool in Athens. Looking from another perspective, Christine remarked, “They can learn life skills. They can learn to save themselves. Maybe they can save a friend who does not know how to swim very well. I think it will help benefit the athletes in many, many ways, not just one.”

Greek Olympian Mariánna Lympertá and top male Greek open water swimmers demonstrated POW (Pool Open Water Swimming) to the competitors, coaches and administrators of the Special Olympics aquatic community at the recently held World Summer Games in Athens, Greece.

The Pool Open Water demonstration was one means to introduce the sport in general for those more comfortable in a pool and to encourage others to take to the open water.

Courtesy of Bruckner Chase and Kester Edwards.

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Steven Munatones