WOWSA Man of the Year Nominee  Roger Allsopp (Great Britain) – Barrier-Breaker

WOWSA Man of the Year Nominee Roger Allsopp (Great Britain) – Barrier-Breaker

Retired surgeon Dr. Roger Allsopp showed society and the global open water swimming society what is physically possible in the latter half of life. 

The 70-year-old dynamo successfully crossed the English Channel in 17 hours and 51 minutes to become the oldest person to ever do so. 

Despite a six-meter spring tide, Dr. Allsopp endured a day of absolute misery as he re-wrote the record books under sub-optimal conditions.  Thinking of others, the unselfish exploit helped raise significant funds to provide equipment and resources for those less fortunate. 

The mild-mannered two-time English Channel swimmer physician with a remarkable level of patience and an over-abundance of optimism wants others to live longer and more healthfully.  For his inspiration, willing descend in the depths, and age-defying marathon exploit across the English Channel, Dr. Roger Allsopp is a worthy nominee for the 2011 World Open Water Swimming Man of the Year.

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