WOWSA Man of the Year Nominee  Jamie Patrick (USA) – Adventure Swimmer

WOWSA Man of the Year Nominee Jamie Patrick (USA) – Adventure Swimmer

Jamie Patrick has been around water all his life, as a age-group swimmer, in college and as a surfer and triathlete. 

He blossomed this year and carved out his niche in the adventure swimming community.  A world where each individual defines their own goals and means of achieving them.  In a planet covered with water, adventure swimming is a fast-growing niche in the marine ecosystem. 

Patrick’s unprecedented 111-mile swim down the Sacramento River, a 31-hour non-stop effort aided by neoprene and fellow river swimmer Martin Strel, culminated successfully due to a year of logistical planning, escort crew coordination and training.  But his long-term goal to financially support other adventure swimmers, so they too can prepare for and achieve their own dreams in the open water world is admirable and uplifting. 

A devoted father and husband, successful business leader and adventure swimming catalyst, for his infectious joy of the sport and genuine willingness to help others, Jamie Patrick is a worthy nominee for the 2011 World Open Water Swimming Man of the Year.

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