WOWSA Responds: Examining the Impact of the Controversial Article on SwimSwam About Nyad Biopic

WOWSA Responds: Examining the Impact of the Controversial Article on SwimSwam About Nyad Biopic

WOWSA (World Open Water Swimming Association) would like to address the recent article, “Open Water Swimmers Have Mixed Feelings About New ‘Nyad’ Biopic Coming to Netflix” by Riley Overend on SwimSwam regarding the upcoming biopic on Diana Nyad and its impact on the sport.

The author brings to light how Diana Nyad’s swim caused division within the sport. We remain optimistic as we recognize this as an opportunity to refocus our efforts to prevent similar issues in the future. By embracing this perspective, we can collectively shift our attention towards fostering meaningful dialogue and progress.

Nyad Report

It is important to note that the recent Nyad Report, released in 2022, represents a significant undertaking. Countless hours of intensive investigation were dedicated to this endeavor, resulting in the recovery of invaluable resources such as handwritten logs, photos, videos, and GPX files that were previously unavailable. Part 2 of the Nyad Report clearly highlights the fact that the swim was not ratified and sheds light on the broader issues surrounding ratification within our sport. It emphasizes the urgent need for practical organizational reforms in open water swimming.

Rule Revisions and Records

We are working hard on the revisions to our rules and ratification process. These updates aim to enhance the integrity and transparency of open water swimming records, ensuring they are fair and accurate.

Additionally, we are actively engaged in discussions with the Guinness Book of World Records and exploring avenues to effectively ratify and categorize records as well as examine historical records.

The Poll

We would also like to clarify our intentions regarding the recent poll. We do not aspire to become the rule-making authority in the world of open water swimming. Rather, we recognize ourselves as one among many organizations within this vibrant community. Our objective in conducting the poll is to gather valuable information and assess the sentiments of participants in the sport. This will enable us to gain insightful perspectives and a comprehensive understanding of the diverse needs and opinions within the open water swimming community as a whole.

In the meantime, please participate in the poll, your feedback will contribute to shaping the future of open water swimming.

Thank you for your continued support!

The WOWSA Team

Please note that the views expressed in this poll are not necessarily the views of WOWSA. This poll is conducted solely for the purpose of gathering information and insights from the open water swimming community. The collected data will be used to inform discussions and considerations within the committees. We value the diverse perspectives of our community and encourage respectful dialogue on the topics presented in this poll. The results of the poll will be available to the public on May 31, 2023.