WOWSA, What A Day At Swim Miami

WOWSA, What A Day At Swim Miami

Australian Luane Rowe wears many hats…all very well. When on land, she works as an industrial designer of swimming equipment with FINIS. When in the water, she wears her FINIS swim cap with pride…and plenty of speed. But in whatever role, she shares her passion for swimming.

Rowe won the Swim Miami 2013 5 km race in 1 hours 9 minutes on Saturday. The day before, she wasn’t resting. She was representing FINIS and giving an open water swimming clinic in the rain. She asked the swimmers to practice sighting, drafting, finishing, and all the different skills and tactics she has used to establish herself as one of the world’s fastest female open water swimmers.

The 8th annual Swim Miami event, sanctioned and supported by the World Open Water Swimming Association, was held at the Miami Yacht Club on Watson Island. The multi-race event included an 800m swim, the Miami Mile, 5 km swim, and 10 km marathon swim with bubble-head trophies as awards.

854 swimmers participated in what is one of the most attractive open water settings throughout the Americas. From Ricardo Monasterio to Joey Pedraza, athletes came from all over the Americas: Cuba, Venezuela, Canada, Barbados, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, and several American states.

All 800m swimmers as well as family and children had the opportunity to walk through Jungle Island and look at South Florida’s most unique and beautiful animals before they started their race at Jungle Island’s La Playa. The 800m swim was won by 25-year old Pedraza while Sara Witkowski won the female division.

Pedraza doubled up as he also won the Miami Mile in 21 minutes 41 seconds. Erin Black won the women’s division. Blake O Woodrow won the 5 km while Ronald Santos won the 10 km in a time of 2 hours 30 minutes, 11 minutes ahead of the first woman in the 10 km, Jana Mangimelli. For complete results on Swim Miami 2013, visit here.

Top 3 results from the various events:

10 km Women
1. Jana Mangimelli
2. Ginger L Tompkins
3. Ann Von Spiegelfel

10 km Men
1. Ronald Santos
2. William Leonard
3. Roger Capote

5 km Women
1. Luane Rowe
2. Emily Noeske
3. Carolyn Lee

5 km Men
1. Blake O Woodrow
2. Rodrigo Caballero
3. Andreas Rintel

1-Mile Women
1. Erin Black
2. Alex Zatylny
3. Emilienne Allen

1-Mile Men
1. Joey Pedraza
2. Ramses Rodriguez
3. Ryan Capote

800m Women
1. Sara Witkowski
2. Stephanie Shober
3. Kelly Abner

800m Male
1. Joey Pedraza
2. Jonathan Key
3. Darren Rubenchik

Jonathan Strauss, race director of the Swim Miami event, will soon announce plans for another race in Miami. Stay tuned for more open water swimming excitement from southern Florida.

Photos of the Swim Miami race and its participants and spectators are courtesy of Jim Winters of Nikon Miami.

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