WOWSA Woman of the Year Nominee Pamela Dickson (NZ) – Lady of the Lake

WOWSA Woman of the Year Nominee Pamela Dickson (NZ) – Lady of the Lake

Pamela Dickson is a 56-year-old grandmother of ten who became the oldest person to swim 40.2K across Lake Taupo, the biggest lake in New Zealand, in 13 hours 56 minutes. 

The oldest person to swim the Cook Strait dug deep and proved that her chronological age was less important than the rhythm she has developed for the open water despite conditions that can range from dead stillness to raging turbulence.  The massage therapist understands her vast potential as she scouts the world for her next marathon swims. 

She has developed a profound oneness with her aquatic venues and loves the feeling of the water around her, whether it is an ocean, lake or pool.  Despite conditions that can only be described as inhospitable, she never feels like quitting.  For her sense of teamwork with those who support her, her record swims in Lake Taupo and the Cook Strait, and her deep passion for the sport, Pamela Dickson is a worthy nominee for the 2011 World Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year.

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WOWSA aims to promote open water swimming as a global sport for those of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.  It hosts the World Open Water Swimming Awards to recognize the open water swimming’s heroes and heroines.

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