WOWSA Woman of the Year Nominee Elizabeth Fry  (USA) – Two Times Makes Double

WOWSA Woman of the Year Nominee Elizabeth Fry (USA) – Two Times Makes Double

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Elizabeth Fry is a 52-year-old financial services consultant who could not just swim things once in 2011.  She first set the double crossing record in the 35-mile Ederle Swim from Manhattan Island to New Jersey – and back – in June. 

Finishing in 11 hours 5 minutes, she set the standard for both men and women, young and old.  Elizabeth then got busy directing the 25 km Swim Across The Sound before she headed off to the English Channel where she stepped up on her third attempt to complete the two-way crossing of the iconic channel. 

With an intense focus where she zones out and swims at an average of 64 strokes per minute, Elizabeth became the oldest person to complete the 42-mile double crossing in 24 hours and 39 minutes, negative-splitting her swim.   Not finished yet, she ended her 2011 season with a 13 hour and 25 minute 25-mile crossing from Vermont, USA to Québec, Canada.  For her dynamic spirit in helping others realize their open water dreams while she realizes her own potential in some of the most difficult swims in the world, Elizabeth Fry is a worthy nominee for the 2011 World Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year.

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