Yakking All Day

Yakking All Day

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

We’re gearing up for the 7th Kingdom Swim on July 25th,” said Kingdom Games founder Phil White.

This year’s swim is drawing 160+ swimmers plus kayakers, family members, and friends from 22 different U.S. states, Canadian provinces, Saudi Arabia, and Scotland. We host the New England Masters Open Water 1-mile, 3-mile and 6-mile Championships and the World Open Water Swimming Association’s 10-mile World Champs.”

People looking to climb the podium will face excellent competition. “28-year-old Eric Nilsson, who set the 10-mile course record in 2013 (3 hours 38 minutes), is back. Participation in the 15-mile (24.1 km) Border Buster course (out-and-back around Province Island) has doubled from last year.”

White is thrilled with the increased turnout, but it leads to greater stress in trying to arrange for volunteers.

We are looking for 10 more kayakers to support swimmers in the 3- and 6-mile courses and 5 additional motor boats to provide back-up out on the course. Every swimmer on the 3-, 6-, 10-, and 15-mile courses must be accompanied by a kayaker. The kayaker navigates from buoy to buoy and feeds the swimmer at regular intervals. If a swimmer is in distress, the kayaker has an extra life jacket to give the swimmer and one of the back-up motorized patrol boats then picks up the swimmer.

Most swimmers bring their own kayakers. But this year 50 swimmers requested that we supply them with kayakers. Being able to do so makes this swim accessible to many who would not otherwise be able to come. We have matched about 40 requests, but have 10 more to go

Anyone interested in kayaking or providing motor boat support should contact Phil White, Director of Kingdom Games at +1-802-249-9100 or by e-mail via phw1948@gmail.com.

Upper photo shows Jeanne Sicard of Barton, Vermont kayaking for Emily Griep of Ithaca, New York in Lake Memphremagog. Middle photo shows Tom Sweeney of New Hampshire kayaking for Bill Shipp of Maryland. Lower photo shows Eric Nilsson.

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