YakSwimmers Take To The Open Water In Hong Kong

YakSwimmers Take To The Open Water In Hong Kong

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

As a race director, Doug Woodring has created the Clean Half Extreme Marathon Swim, the Sheko Challenge, the Cold Half, the carbon-neutral option, The Five, the Cold Standard, and the Kids Ocean Day.

As an ocean advocate, Woodring has created the Ocean Recovery Alliance, the Global Alert platform, the Plastic Disclosure Project, Project Kaisei, the Plasticity Forum, the Hong Kong Shark Foundation, the Hong Kong-San Francisco Ocean Film Festival, and The Ocean Walk.

And now he has come up with yet another terminology for the open water community: YakSwimmers.

YakSwimmers are 2 swimmers who rotate swimming and kayaking for each other for 30 minutes each the entire way of the 15 km Cold Half marathon swim.

If you are not swimming, you are paddling,” explains Woodring about the October 11th. “No motor boats allowed. It is a new category for the 15 km Clean Half marathon event in Hong Kong. We have 22 solo swimmers signed up this year already.”

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