Yasunari Hirai And Yuto Kobayashi, Japanese In Portugal

Yasunari Hirai And Yuto Kobayashi, Japanese In Portugal

Japanese open water swimmers Yasunari Hirai and Yuto Kobayashi have a lot to face to in this Sunday’s 2012 FINA Olympic 10km Marathon Swimming Qualifier.

Not only must they finish in the top 15 among 62 other men with similar dreams to qualify for the Olympic 10km Marathon Swim, but they must also face each other in an open water swim-off in the survival of the fittest.

They have been traveling from Florida and Cancun to Sydney and Shanghai and picking up racing experience and testing themselves against the world’s best. Now comes the ultimate test.

Their award?

The honor of representing themselves, thousands of like-minded Japanese swimmers who enjoy the open water and the 2,000-year history of open water swimming in their native country.

Watch Hirai and Kobayashi go head-to-head in the Olympic qualification race live on Portuguese television here on June 9th.

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Steven Munatones